Photography by Allison Usavage

Please pardon the dust. Our fresh flours are milled to order.

We make freshness a priority, milling our organic grains to order. Please keep your flour in a cool, dry place and be mindful of the “best by” date on the bag.  To extend the life of your flour, store it refrigerated or frozen. That said, Farmer Ground wants you to have a fresh supply of local flour. We recommend that you buy our flour in small quantities that can be used pronto. For optimum flavor, please consume our products within 1-2 months of purchase.
A special note: Corn has a high amount of oil in the germ. Our corn products should be stored well, tightly sealed and consumed within 6 weeks of purchase (3-5 weeks in the summer).


Whole Grain

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Whole wheat all-purpose flour

Whole Wheat Pastry Flour

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Buckwheat Flour

Emmer flour

einkorn flour




High Extraction Bread Flour

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